The St. Francis DeSales
Class of 1972

A Few Stray Remembrances
Rezzy-Rats Vs. Day Hops
One for the residents--night prayers and Salve Regina, so I am told.
One for the Day Hops--yelling "Go! Go! Go!" as the afternoon bus approached the end of Oklahoma Avenue and the uniform-garbed girls of St. Mary's Academy waiting patiently for a ride.
"Who Knows!" from DeSales--Was that Bob Deahl, Terry Brown, Mark Mankowski and Bill Noskey? I just don't know anymore. Answer: Heart of Gold.
Lynda Long, female interloper from Indiana--"Elle est petite," per Father Lukaszewicz.
Buffalo Balls--Need one say more?
SPAM--It's what's for lunch.
Saints Versus Anchormen--You Decide.
Neal Erickson's BVS and all the sordid details that went along with her. Wasn't she into witchcraft?
Father Silvestri's aged brief case. According to one of the Penman's on this site, he had owned that case since 1954!
Hinder Binders or wedgies, all courtesy of Wott Scuzniak
Bob Bea's insensitive question to Richard Johnson about his sister's ballet lessons. Or baby, it's cold out there!
Thaddeus, -a, -um
The unprecendented return of Alan Wisniewski from Pulaski HS for his senior year at DeSales. Can I hear an amen out there?!?
Das Dick ist Greun.
Intramural Sports
In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Santi
Shakespeare on Vinyl with Father Matt. Or "Ode to a Grecian Urn" with garbage can on shoulder?
Richie 'Packrat' - "Richie, tell us everything you know. We have a minute."
Coach Tom Tornjock, or was that, Dornbach?
Pat Long and Speech Class--Wasn't that fun!?!
The archery range in the basement tunnel, or running indoors on bad weather days. Hey, that's Wisconsin.
The Bookstore on the first day of class. Odd how that memory stays with one.
Terry Brown's paper on the homosexual overtones of Iago in the "Merchant of Venice". Vince gave him a 'B', so Terry quadrupled majored in philosophy, theology, German and psychology just to show Vince up.
Father Dionne and his ice puck, tabletop wave tanks, and petri cloud chamber.
Scott Wozniak and THE first LED display calculator on the face of the earth. And we were there!
Free gum for all! Now I do feel like a lab rat. I wonder what was suppose to be in that stuff? Congrats to Doug Kowalski for getting the answer: The Answer
"Colonel Konkol" and the Chapel Gestapo. You're almost in the chapel, so show some artificially induced reverence. Did you know that Konkol made it to ordination?
Who's your Big Brother, baby?
Scott Wozniak had a CB radio in his college dorm room. There! The truth is out! And everyone thought that is was God talking through the speaker on their TV.
Everyone who bought a stereo from Mr. Maxim, raise your hand? Must have been a Panasonic too?
Cross Country Season
Senior retreat at The Redemptorist Retreat Center in Oconomowoc. So who invited the girl? Doug doesn't remember her name, but he does remembers the title of her lecture: "What I look for in a Christian Man that I date". And what was your record in tabletop hockey. Nice of Tim Ross to bring that along. Don't forget the black squirrels.
Bob Bea and the push-button drive in his '64 Dodge Lancer. Didn't Rich Johnson once push them while Bob was driving down the road?
Scott Wozniak's cars. Nice of Scott's brother to let him drive his muscle cars. There was a Grand Prix and a Firebird with the rubber bumper, if I remember correctly. Now what was the speed limit on Oklahoma Avenue?
Tim Neal's "The White Rabbit", Sternig's Cougar and Tilt's '64 Chevy Impala--all classics.
Neal Erickson's employment at the drug store at Clement and Oklahoma. Doug says that the name was Medi-Care Pharmacy. How many condoms was it that he "borrowed?" Such the optimist.
Pizza after the basketball games during our senior year
The First Earth Day in 1970, courtesy of Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson.
Getting the Chicago Tribune to read for Father Hickey's American Government Class.
"American Pie", "Alone Again (Naturally)", "Heart of Gold"--Three Big Hits in Our Senior Year
Bill Lasky and Kevin Buckley's extended stay at the Hotel St. Luke's in the summer of 1971. I bet Kevin still says, "Why Bill, why?"
Reading "Good Times, Bad Times" by James Kirkwood in Father Matt's english class. Do you suppose that Erwin was trying to warn us all about something? By the way, the late James Kirkwood, who was also an actor and gay, is more famous for writing the book, "A Chorus Line".
The Boy Scout campout/retreat. Those kids were dangerous! They start more forest fires in Utah than lightening strikes, and they carry knives, too!

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