The St. Francis DeSales
Class of 1972

The four bells in the tower in front of Mater Christi Chapel came from Paccard foundry in Annecy, France, a short distance from the birthplace of St. Francis DeSales.

Irrelevant And Irreverent Facts About DeSales High School...
DeSales opened in September of 1963. It closed in 1977.
Rev. Earl Dionne was perhaps the longest resident of DeSales. He was part of the original staff and only vacated his residence at DeSales in 2007.
Mater Christi Chapel and Holy Family Dining Hall each had a seating capacity of 800.
The "Pat Long" Memorial Gymnasium had a seating capacity of 500. (Didn't know that it had a name, did you?)
Bellarmine Hall could seat 750.
The library had a reported 300,000 books. I guess that is possible.
The Study Hall had 520 desks in it, and the pool was 60 feet by 30 feet.
All of the statues on the grounds were carved from White Carrara in Bolzano, Italy.
Terry Brown really did sell a joke to Joan Rivers. It had something to do with Cleveland, which back then, was a joke.
Office Manager Wallace Maxam was shot to death in his car in the mid-70s in a sordid incident in Milwaukee's central city.


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