Our Lady Queen of Peace Grade School
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Class of 1968
Correspondance with Mrs. Diane Millonzi, our 4th grade teacher.

Date: 1 February 2009


I recently found some documents from my grade school days in Milwaukee and was researching the name, "Mrs. D.E. Millonzi." She was my 4th grade teacher at Our Lady Queen of Peace grade school. My research has brought me to you as you have the same initials, and much to my surprise, have some connection to education in Wisconsin.

If you ever taught at OLQP, you might be mildly interested in my class web site. I have been working on this for years, but only in the past few years have I made any significant strides in coming up with contacts. The site is located here:


If I am wrong, I apologize for bothering you. However, after looking at your picture on the web, I sort of think that I maybe right.

Alan Wisniewski,

Mrs. Millonzi, 2009

Thank you.. Thank you... Thank you!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

What a wonderful surprise and you certainly made my day!

Yes, I am the one. Check out the website and what great memories of OLQP. You have the 4th grade teacher as Miss Pelishek (correct spelling) and that was me. I got married by Father Carl at Queen of Peace on December 29th 1962 to Larry Millonzi (Millonzi) a musical name in Milwaukee... google it).

I moved to Las Vegas in May of 1977 and have been here ever since. I taught here for about 8 years before going in to Real Estate (nobody told me the market would go almost flat..like it is now.) But have to admit the past several weeks it has picked up a lot and once the banks open their doors and start lending, like they were suppose to do, it should get much better. No one ever throught a slow down in Vegas was possible-were they wrong! Got some great deals out here now.

I return to Milwaukee about every 2 years to visit family and "old" school mates. Infact I was there last year in late September for the "50th" Pulaski High School Reunion.

I kept a scrapbook of many things from my years of at OLQP and last night went thru it very slowly. Those years were fond years and some of the best I have had. Father Carl and I kept in touch for a long time and he was even planning to come here for a visit but my last contact with him must have been over 5 years ago. The last I know he was a pastor of a church on East Oklahoma. I also kept in touch with Mrs. Deda. I have pictures, cards and articles of happenings at the school-even after I left. If you would like me to scan any of these things for you and e-mail or mail them to you, I would be more than happy to do so. They of course would be from some of the same classmates but in the fourth grade. I also have the class picture.

Dianne Spott-I have information on her-as her father is a cousin to my husband and Jeff Woods is the son of my parents best friend. So I also have info about him. My parents and his parents decided to go into the Custard business, like Leons. So they purchased the machines from Leon and came out here and started the first and still only frozen custard business called LUV-IT. My parents eventually retired and sold it-leaving the Woods family to run it alone. I still see Dorothy Woods-Jeff's mom.

I want to get this off to you but let me know if you'd like any of the things I have as well as a current picture of my self. Please keep in touch...

Diane Millonzi

Alan's Picture

So I recently received an envelope from Mrs. Millonzi and in it was this picture that I had drawn when I was in 4th grade and that she had saved in her scrapbook.

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