Glen Gerard Freundl - Our Lady Queen of Peace Grade School, Class of 1968

Some Pictures From Glen Gerard Freundl

Glen and his famous father-in-law play a game of cards in a scene from a David Mamet story. A member of The Screen Actors Guild, Glen admits to enjoying acting even more than his music. You have to love his passion. WARNING: Strong language in the video.
Here's Glen's professional picture and here is a link to his MySpace web site: Glen Gerard. Glen has traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe. He has used the stage name "Glen Gerard" since the mid-80s as few people know how to pronounce 'Freundl'. He has apparently performed with many other muscians, but references his early days with The Butterfield Blues Band. Checkout YouTube for Glen's performances. Here's one to get you started.
Here's a picture of Glen's wife, Kelly Coleman, who according to Glen, "is a musician, actress, and old fashioned stay at home mom."
This is Glen's daughter, Louise, with her grandpa. If he looks at all familiar, he should. If you haven't guessed it by now, here's a clue. Who is that guy in the background?