Our Lady Queen of Peace Grade School
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Class of 1968
A Few Stray Remembrances
Many thanks to Mrs. Millonzi, aka Miss Pelishek, for sharing some of her scrapbook memories. She was kind enough to send many of the pictures and articles below.
Sister Ruth Marie
While this picture is from the 70s, Sister Ruth Marie was definitely there before we all graduated in 1968. This picture lead to the following 'find' on the web.
Sister Ruth Marie
Sister Ruth Marie celebrated her 70th year as a School Sister of St. Francis in 2008. That is amazing!!!
Three Nuns
Any guesses as to the names of the nuns? The faces are familiar.
diploma small
Lost your grade school diploma? Now you can print your own diploma! Just download, print, and sign your name. Click on image for larger view.
diploma small
Here is a copy of our Graduation Program for your viewing pleasure. Click on image for larger view.
Father Joe's Obituary
Father Joe was the original pastor of OLQP. Check out the article on Miss Boho, later Mrs. Baranowski. Gerald Wisniewski was a year or two behind us, but certainly collected a fair share of press coverage in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel.
Southgate Sign
Another Picture of Southgate
The Southgate Christmas decorations including the giant wreath around the Southgate sign and the very stylized Christmas trees attached to the light poles.
Santa's arrival via helicopter to Southgate's "Kiddietown?" They had some sort of petting zoo there during Christmas as well. The one in the picture was at Capitol Court.
The plastic manger scene/statue handed out every Christmas at Queen of Peace. Somehow I remember getting a candy bar courtesy of the parish accountants.
Gimbels, Badger Paint, Kroger/Krambo, Singers, Kresgee's, Leon's, Pinkies, Mazo's. Leon's and Mazo's are still there.
The big Bliffert Lumber Yard Fire (Oct 3, 1965)
Palomar's Roller Skating Rink
Building an electric motor for Mr. Swanke's class? Mine actually ran! I wonder if Mr. Swanke had a degree from a real school? He was my first teacher that was male.
James Lewandowski singing, "Hole in My Bucket." I think that he played piano, too.
Frank Krukowski's brown trench coat and his dad's Fiat 850. Was anyone more tortured by the rest of us? I doubt it. Remember his sister--Princess?
First Friday's and bringing breakfast to school.
The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), the dances and the soccer team. I never did any of that.
Clement Zablocki, our own Congressional Representative!
Collections for Pagan Babies. That's go over like lead balloon today.
The Sex Education class that we attended. I'm guessing that it was the summer of 1967. The boys went to one class, and the girls went to another. My dear Uncle Casey went as my surrogate parent since my father was deceased.
Mass at the Byzantine church. I wish I could remember where that was.
The annual trip to Muskego Beach. Keep Henry Fons away from anything that moved. Muskego Beach History
Painting Halloween scenes on the store windows at Southgate. Where are you Dianne Spott?
The PA announcements and listening to music class broadcast by the state educational radio channel. Didn't they read out the lunch menu over that thing? And it always sounded so yummy.
The infirmary on the second floor.
Seated patiently in the auditorium waiting to be the next row sent to get in the lunch line. Isn't it our turn yet!?!
The Orange City Buses.
Mrs. Mooney, the head cook at OLQP, was suppose to have had three husbands. Comments were made to their cause of death, but I always liked her hamburgers. She lived the last years of her life in Southlawn and was really a very nice person when she was away from work.
Going to see, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?"
(I went to 'Holiday on Ice' with Msgr. Popek instead--did I miss anything?)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
"The Little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exup�ry.
I will never understand the fascination Sister Joan had with this book.
The Little Prince
Recently found this letter from Sister M. Jean Louise, my fifth grade teacher. Does anyone else remember this?
The 8th grade graduation trip to Petrifying Springs Park in Kenosha followed by dinner at The Wagon Wheel Restaurant in Caledonia. Petrifying Springs is now dominated by a golf course, and The Wagon Wheel is now called Sebastian's. Does anyone remember who ventured out in only a slip when we went to change into our dinner clothes? I do and always will:~) And who was chugging beers even back then?



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